How The Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program From Privacy Pros Academy Not Only Guarantees You Get The Certification… But Also The Respect Of Your Colleagues As An Expert In The Field!

How The Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program From Privacy Pros Academy Not Only Guarantees You Get The Certification… But Also The Respect Of Your Colleagues As An Expert In The Field!

And Gives You Access To 80% More Jobs PLUS An Average of £15k/year Salary Bump!
And Gives You Access To 80% More Jobs PLUS An Average of £15k/year Salary Bump!


An Ever Increasing Number Of Privacy Professionals Are Catching Onto Something…

That something?

The Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe Certification - CIPP/E for short - is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

It’s an absolute ‘must have’ if you want to be taken seriously in today’s brutal marketplace.

Stats show that at least 80% of privacy-related jobs have the CIPP/E as a requirement on the job spec.

Professionals with the certification earn on average £15,000 a year more.
But there’s something much more important than money which most people completely miss… I’ll come to that in a minute.

Every month, more and more of your competitors – i.e. other people in the privacy industry – are gaining this certification.

Meaning that if you don’t have it, you’re being left behind.

I predict that in a few years, this certification will be the bare minimum required to do any kind of privacy job.

So I assume that you’re here because you’ve realized that – and you’ve decided it’s time to get your CIPP/E.

This raises the next question– what’s the best way to do that?

In this short letter, I’m going to lay out your options, so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

Before I do that, I want to let you in on a huge mistake other people make when they decide to get this qualification.

And if you avoid this mistake, you’ll be way ahead of almost all of them.

What’s The HUGE Mistake?

Here’s the thought process in most people’s brains:
“Most jobs require the CIPP/E certification. I’d better get it so I qualify.”
“I feel like an imposter in my current role. If I get the CIPP/E, I’ll be more respected.”
Now while both of these are correct, there’s an extra - much more important - piece to this.

You see, while people think they can just quickly add this qualification to their CV or LinkedIn profile and everything will be fine again.

And granted, if you only did that, you’d be in a better position than you are now.

But the huge mistake is…

The CIPP/E certification isn’t meant to be just a simple ‘tick in the box’!
We’ve all done exams where we just have to get the qualification - even though the material within is relatively useless in a day to day life (*cough cough* driving theory test *cough cough*).

In those situations, the best course of action is to figure out how to pass the exam as soon as possible, while spending the least money possible.

This is NOT one of those situations.

And if you try to treat it as one, you WILL pay the price for it later.

You see, we’re approaching the point where every data protection related job will require the CIPP/E as standard.

This means that sooner or later, every privacy professional will have the certification.
Meaning there will only be 2 differentiating factors– experience and credibility.

I can’t give you the job experience, but I can help you with the credibility.

My training upgrades your credibility infinitely more than any other CIPP/E training course – and I’m going to prove this to you shortly…
“The Accelerator Program transformed me and the way I show up on a daily basis. I show up to work now full of confidente, ready to add value as an exceptional and world-class privacy professional.

The in-depth knowledge session with practical descriptions really explains the privacy principles and how each principle can be applied.

The different sessions of the program constantly challenge me daily, helping me thrive personally and professionally.”
I’m going to guess you’ve reached a point in your career where you’ve
drawn a line in the sand and decided…

”It’s Time To Do This PROPERLY

Maybe you focus on doing things perfectly, and you get upset if you don’t meet your own high standards.

When you don’t meet them, instead of being happy that you tried your best, you criticize yourself and feel ashamed.

Maybe when you try something new, you usually find that you can pick it up quickly.

You have a lot of skills that you learned with little effort.

So, it makes sense that when you try something new, you should be able to understand it right away.
But sometimes, you find it hard to get a grip on things.

And when that happens, you feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Maybe you feel like you get asked difficult questions at work that you don’t know the answer to.

Maybe you even dread people coming to your desk or calling you up because you don’t know when the next awkward question is going to come your way.

Maybe you find yourself giving long rambling answers or regurgitating the legal text because you don’t know the subject matter inside out – and you can see people switching off and turning out.

Maybe you don’t feel like your colleagues treat you like a respected expert of your field.

In fact, many of our clients tell us that…

They Feel Like An Imposter In Their Role…

…And It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before They Get Found Out!
They tell us that they constantly feel like they are on the back foot.

When challenged on some advice they’ve given, they can’t back it up with relevant precedent or specific enforcement actions in a way their colleagues or clients understand.

They struggle with privacy notices, international data transfer impact assessments, standard contractual clauses, legitimate interest assessments, DPIAs, data mappings, capturing records of processing activities…

…the list goes on and on!

And they want to feel like an expert.

In fact, they want to BE an expert.

Not to ‘wing it’ but to actually be that fountain of knowledge. The person who anyone at work can confidently come to and KNOW they will have the answer.
As Rachel says below – as a result of taking The Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program, her manager now sees her as the ‘go-to’ person for all things privacy related.

When Rachel gives an answer, it’s automatically believed to be correct. She doesn’t have her knowledge and authority constantly questioned and undermined.
This is why it’s not simply a matter of just getting the certification.

If that’s all you want to do, you don’t need a course. Buy the book, study it for a few days then take the 90 question multiple choice test.

Get 75% and you’ve passed.

You’ve now got a certificate but are you any better at your job?

Are you any more employable?

Can you answer all those tough questions on the spot?

Are you giving exceptional value for money to your client?

Probably not.

So it’s not just about passing the test. It’s about…

Getting All That Wisdom And Knowledge To Stick In Your Brain!

And not only that, but also being able to apply that knowledge into any real life situation – because that’s what you really want, right?

Imagine being able to confidently quote case law precedents off the top of your head when needed.

Or effortlessly summarizing whichever one of the 99 GDPR articles is relevant in a way that anybody can understand.

Or taking any privacy-related scenario and explaining exactly how that applies from the point of view of the law and advising exactly what to do as a result.

How would your peers, colleagues, managers, and stakeholders would react if you had this ability?
Not only would they likely be impressed, they’d also view you as the number one authority in their world on all things privacy.

As Ashutosh explains below, he feels so much more confident professionally because he is empowered to deal with any problem in the data privacy field.

He can communicate these complex concepts to his clients in a clear and concise way.
Respect of your colleagues feels good. But this upgrade of your skills also means you’re no longer a commodity.

You can’t just be replaced with another privacy professional willing to take a lower salary or day rate.

Why? Because they simply aren’t as good at the job as you are!

You go from being an amateur - just ‘winging it’ - to being a ‘Privacy Pro’, as Fayaaz says below:
You may think this sounds like a tough journey, and I won’t lie - it’s not easy.

But it is possible - and definitely worth the effort.

I know because…

I Was In The Exact Position You’re Not So Long Ago…

At work – just like the mentees who come to me today – on a daily basis I was terrified of being found out. I’ll explain how I managed to overcome that in just a moment, but first…
My name is Jamal Ahmed, and in recent times I’ve:
  • Been published by The Guardian, The Independent, Sunday Times, Thomson Routers, City AM and the biggest industry publications too (and quoted in too many articles to name)
  • ​Keynote speaker at industry events like OneTrust Privacy Connect, IAPP KnowledgeNet, ISACA…
  • ​Awarded The Fellow of Information Privacy from the IAPP…
  • ​Been awarded Best SME in Data Privacy…
  • ​Been a trusted provider of privacy solutions for multinational corporations across 6 continents…
  • Delivered my unique and highly effective method of privacy training to thousands of people in 137 countries and counting…
So you might think:

“Well, it’s easy for you Jamal. Anyone can get respected and be offered jobs, speaking engagements, and other opportunites when you have all that credibility.”

And that’s absolutely true – except…

I Wasn’t Born With All That



I had to build it from scratch.

And that’s exactly what I decided to do back when I was in your shoes.

You see, I found myself in an industry dominated by white, middle-aged, middle class male lawyers.

I was younger, of South Asian origin. I found that I couldn’t get interviews – in fact, nobody would give me the time of day.

I even forced myself to go to industry events to network. I thought that maybe when people met me in person, they would pay attention. Yet still nobody wanted to listen.

I wanted to blame everyone else for my problem.

“I’m too young”, I told myself.

Maybe I even thought…

“These people are racist!”

Maybe this is some big ‘old boys club’ and they don’t want someone of my colour on the inside.
Maybe it’s not possible for someone like me to break in.

But then I had an epiphany and realized there was a different explanation.

An explanation that was a bitter pill to swallow, but in the end turned out to be the real truth.

The real truth was nothing to do with racism. Or my age.

Or any other factor that I couldn’t change.

The hard, painful truth was…

I Wasn’t Good Enough!

I realized I wasn’t getting the jobs for the same reason you probably currently feel like an imposter.

I wasn’t knowledgeable enough about my supposed area of expertise.

So I made a decision. I decided I wasn’t going to accept that.

And I decided not to try and fit in and be like everyone else, but to be outstanding.

To be excellent.
To not only be more knowledgeable than anyone else when it comes to privacy, but also to be able to explain this complex area of law in a way anybody can understand.

As one of my mentors told me:
So I went on a quest to make myself excellent.

My mentor showed me that to do this, I had to accept 2 things: I first had to invest in myself to learn the skillset and become credible. To become an authority.

Secondly, I had to realize that my best thinking has got me to where I am. I can’t teach myself everything by reading books and articles, watching videos or attending webinars. To be as successful as I wanted to be, I had to seek out someone who could guide me on that path.

An experienced mentor.

And the first thing my mentor told me to do was to understand the 99 GDPR articles.

Not just at a surface level. But at the deepest level possible.

So I Sat Down And Looked At The



I looked at one of the GDPR articles.

Up until now, it was just ‘words on a page’.

Technically I understood the meaning on a surface level.

But then I started asking myself the following questions:

“How did we get to this point? Why does this law even exist? Why do we need the GDPR when we have all these other laws? Why does this actually matter?”

I even went deep and thought about it all from a spiritual point of view – ‘What is the goal of this law in terms of bettering society?’
Once I approached it from this ‘big picture’ perspective, everything suddenly made sense.

I then spent hundreds of hours going through every one of the 99 GDPR articles in the same way until I could explain it to a ten year old – or my nan!

After all, if I can get my Nan interested in privacy and GDPR, I’m sure you can get your work colleagues to pay attention!

I started explaining this stuff in terms anyone could understand.

And I found that people started listening!

And they wanted to listen to me more than the lawyers with 20 years experience – because I was able to make it relevant to them.

The good news is you don’t have to go on the same long voyage of discovery that I did.

I’ve summarized every single one of the 99 GDPR articles from this point of view in one place, so you can refer to it whenever you want.

For Example, This Is The Official Text For

GDPR Article 6: Lawfulness Of Processing

  Click to expand
673 words! And this is just one of the 99 GDPR articles.

Imagine how long it would take to not only read every article – but also understand them all and then explain it in a language any of your colleagues can understand.

That’s why I’ve taken every article and put them all into a single clickable PDF file which you can store in your desktop.

But here’s the best bit – underneath the official text for each article, I’ve included a short summary.

Article 6 – Summary

Processing shall be lawful when at least one of the following is fulfilled:

1. consent has been obtained from the data subject

2. processing is necessary for the performance of a contract

3. controller needs to comply with a legal obligation

4. to protect the vital interests of the data subject/another natural person

5. performing tasks with public interest or the exercise of official authority

6. legitimate interests of the controller or by a third party
77 words instead of the original 673.

Which one made more sense to you?

So when a colleague asks 'So what's this lawfulness of processing thing got to do with us anyway?', you can respond…

'Well, it's just about how we handle the data of our users. Basically we need to make sure we have identified one of the 6 lawful basis for this process. Either we have their consent. Or that it's necessary to store their data for the performance of a contract. Or there's a legal obligation to process their data. Or it's to keep them alive. Or to perform tasks in the public interest. Or it's in our legitimate interests.'

When you do this, you'll see the light click on in their brain as they go 'Aah - ok, that makes sense! Thanks!'

As opposed to trying to take the initial 673 words and summarize those. Or worse still, the thing that makes me cringe more than anything…

…Regurgitating the text word-for-word back to your colleagues and expecting them to somehow understand what all that means!

What this means is that whenever something comes up in relation to a specific article, you can quickly refer to the short bullet points and not only understand it fast…

…you can also explain a confusing and complex law in simple language to anyone!

Did You Know...

In May 2022, Google Was Fined €10 Million By The Spanish Data Protection Authority For Violating Articles 6 and 17 Of The GDPR…

This is all described in a long, convoluted 137 page document. It's definitely not 'light reading'.

I've taken that document and summarized it in simple, easy to understand language in only 4 pages.

Imagine if you needed to advise your employers about articles 6 (Lawfulness of Processing) or 17 (The Right to Erasure).

You could quickly read the article summaries for both of those, then skim this 4 page case summary.

Then you could not only explain about how articles 6 and 17 relate to the company, you could tell the Google story to illustrate your point and make it 100% clear.

How do you think your colleagues would see you after that - more or less knowledgeable than before?

And also as part of our certification program, I give you over 20 exclusive guides, case summaries and enforcement actions that you won't get anywhere else.

So now no matter what area of privacy you're talking about, you can refer to something interesting and relevant to help make the point to your colleagues or clients.

No other training course gives you this - they simply read through the course slides in 2 days, then leave you to fend for yourself.

So suddenly you can explain these complex laws effortlessly, clearly and with total confidence.

This Is All Part Of My Vision For Everyone To Have Access To ‘Easy Peasy Privacy!

We have a lot of lawyers who take our course.

They end up getting a competitive advantage because they realise that talking to a business is completely different to how you talk to other lawyers.

You don’t want to come across as the ‘stuffy lawyer type’ who confuses everyone with complex terminology and legal jargon.

Instead, you can play both roles. Sure, you can talk complex terms with other lawyers when needed.
But you can also explain it in easy-to-understand language for everybody else.

You see, normal people just want a pragmatic, down-to-earth person who talks to them in a way that doesn’t make their brain hurt.

I see it as my job to be able to speak people in ‘easy peasy’ language.

In fact I see myself as a translator - I take the complex terminology of the law and I translate it into something a 6 year old can understand.

When you do that too, you'll find that not only do people start to pay attention - they also love you for it!

That's exactly what I experienced when I went through this journey and it's exactly what you'll experience too when you've completed our certification program.

And That’s EXACTLY What Our Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program Gives You!

Sure, there are cheaper training providers on the market.

And chances are you could save a little bit of money with them and still get the qualification.

But those courses just don't give you the knowledge and understanding that our program does.

It's one thing for you to be able to memorize and quote something.

But it's quite another to understand it inside out, and be able to confidently apply it to any situation.

And that's why you're doing this, isn't it?

It's not simply to get a piece of paper that says you are CIPP/E certified.

It's because you've decided it's time - once and for all - to do this right and do this properly. 

To be the best privacy professional that you can be. No more 'winging it'.

These Are Your 5 Options To Attain CIPP/E


Self-Study V1

You don't actually need to sign up for a training course.

You could just buy the official IAPP textbook, learn the syllabus, do some sample exam questions and get the certification.


Exam Voucher - £450
IAPP Textbook - £60
Sample Exam Questions - £30
IAPP Membership - £200
Total - £740

You have to become a member of the IAPP for the certification to be valid - hence the extra £200. That's included in our training, by the way.

Hence you're already spending around £750 to do it all yourself!

This is only the best option if you really want to save every penny and just get the certification.

But if you care about actually being a high performing, world class, well respected privacy professional, this option really isn't the one for you.

Reason being - you have the facts in your brain, but you have no idea how to apply it in a real life situation.

That's why you see so many CIPP/E certified people that just can't get hired. 


Self-Study V2

You can go direct to the IAPP and buy the on demand, pre-recorded training videos.

This will set you back £1,380.

And you're still left with the same problem as Option 1.

It's literally just dry information in video format. Essentially it's like reading the book, but in video.

Nobody is going to explain how this stuff relates to you or your job role. Nobody is going to make this relevant to you.

More importantly, nobody is likely to hire you for those top roles or take you seriously. 


A Cheap CIPP/E Training

The cheapest training course we can find on the market comes in at £1,395 + VAT.

Like most CIPP/E trainings, it's 2 days long, can be taken in person or virtually from home and delivers the official material.

You do get the IAPP textbook, sample exam questions and IAPP membership.

But you don't get a pass guarantee. And the material is often very dry and hard to follow - 'Death by Powerpoint'!

Literally some person contracted in to read slides off a screen for 2 days. Basically it's pretty much the same as Self-Study V2!

How long before you get bored and your attention wanders?

And once you have your certificate, you're left to fend for yourself. 

No follow-up support as you apply your new-found knowledge at work - and that's when our mentees tend to find they have the most questions! 


A Expensive CIPP/E Training

This will set you back up to £3,100 + VAT, which could fool you into thinking it's better than the cheap course.

Arguably, it's worse - because although IAPP membership is included, a pass guarantee isn’t. 

This means that if you fail the exam first time around (like 50% of people) you’re left to go it alone for the re-sit.

Note: At the time of writing (July 2022), our program has a 97% first time pass rate!

It's important to be aware that in every competitor we researched, they all had the same approach - hire an outsider to come and deliver the training for 2 days.

As I said above - how committed to your ongoing development and support is an outside trainer going to be?

No follow-up support, no vested interest, no one rooting for your success.

If you join our program however, you get ongoing support and the whole Privacy Pros community cheering you on for the next 12 months. 

So anytime you have a question, or if you're in a sticky spot at work, we’re right by your side with the answers.


The Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program

I instill the knowledge within you, using my unique proven formula I call the C5 method.

It's the 5Cs of Clarity, Competence, Confidence, Credibility and Community…

When you have Clarity it gives you Competence. This makes you Confident. That gives you Credibility. And having the right Community around takes you even further.

Here's how that works specifically…

Not only do you get all the required training materials, IAPP membership and a pass guarantee, our course is the only one on the market that also delivers:

1. Small Class Size

Unlike other training providers whose goal is simply to stuff their classes with as many people as possible, in our program there are never more than 9 mentees at any one time.

So you can ask all the questions you need to get the personal support you deserve.

2. Your Instructor Is The Globally Recognized 'King of Data Protection'

You get mentored directly by me – Jamal Ahmed, dubbed by the BBC as the King of Data Protection.
Speaking of which, you also get the ongoing mentorship and support for 12 months in the Privacy Pros Community…

3. One Year of Direct Access to Pick the Brains of the ‘Celebrities of Privacy’

As we've seen already, the certification is NOT the important thing here. It's how you apply that certification in your day to day working life.

When you're challenged on some advice you've given. When you're asked to provide precedent. When you need to back up your point with a specific enforcement action. 

When you're struggling with transfer impact assessments, standard contractual clauses, legitimate interest assessments, DPIAs, data mappings, capturing records of processing activities…

…who are you going to ask?

Well, in the case of every other training provider, you're stuck. Your only hope is to flick through the heavy IAPP textbook again and hope you find the answer.

Either that or waste endless hours trawling the internet, reading through complex articles that only confuse and overwhelm you more than when you first started looking.

What instead if you had access to the most brilliant minds in the world of data protection - at your fingertips?

For example, in the community we have some of the leading privacy professionals in the world - the 'celebrities of privacy'.

There are people who've given Ted talks, heads of the biggest companies across the world, directors and heads at some of the best privacy teams, commissioners, 

There's privacy pros from Facebook, the Big 4, the world's biggest investment bank, UBS, leading privacy solutions providers like OneTrust and Keepabl, and leading organizations and MNCs like Logitech and Money supermarket. 

And many more incredible minds.
You've heard the phrase 'Your network is your net worth', right?

What do you think it would do for your career to add these people into your network?

Whenever you have a tricky question - you could say 'Do you mind if I just take a moment to think about that and get back to you?'

Then you can ask the question in the community and within minutes have a perfectly formulated answer, tailored to your specific situation.

As Ashutosh told me, he's been in the group for 4 or 5 months. And he said 'That's the thing that impressed me the most. They are always available!'

He always got a prompt response that instantly solved his query and cleared up all his doubts.

And even when you don't have a question, you get all kinds of fascinating insights just by observing the conversations that these people are having with each other.

4. A Fun, Engaging & Interactive Style of Delivery – LIVE!

Everybody else reads slides off the page.

As you attend these tedious classes you think 'I could have just read the book'.

That's not how I work.

I have a very special method I use to make my classes not only fun and engaging - but so that this information becomes easy to understand and stays in your mind.
I focus on the practical application of what you’re learning rather than simply teaching you how to beat an exam.

5. Revision Notes, Sample Questions and Group Study Sessions

We have a 97% pass rate on our course, because of the time and care I put into making sure you know your stuff.

And even if somehow you don't pass first time, my Pass Guarantee ensures you can retake the training as many times as you need until you ace that certification.

We of course are at your side every step of this process. You are never left to fend for yourself.
But in reality you're almost guaranteed to pass first time because of the way we've structured the program.

And this isn't just my opinion - the Academy has been awarded the title of 
Best Privacy Data Training Provider 2022 by the Global Choice Awards, as well as GDPR and Data Protection Consultancy of the year.

Plus we have the #1 ranked Data Privacy Podcast in the world.

Still Not Convinced?

Here's What Else People Are Saying...

Here’s Everything You’ll Cover On The Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program

As you’ll discover below, there’s a LOT to learn. And as I keep saying, it’s not just about passing the exam. It’s about first knowing this stuff, then being able to apply it in real-life scenarios.


Data Protection Laws

  • Origins and historical context
  • ​European Union Institutions
  • ​Legislative Framework


Personal Data

  • Processing
  • Personal Data
  • ​Data Subject
  • ​Sensitive Personal Data
  • ​Pseudonymous & Anonymous Data


Controllers and Processors

  • Controller
  • Joint Controller
  • ​Independent Controller
  • ​Processor
  • ​Sub-Processor


Processing Personal Data

  • Territorial and Material Scope of GDPR
  • Data Processing Principles
  • ​Lawful Processing Criteria


Data Subject Rights

  • Access
  • Rectification
  • ​Erasure
  • ​Restriction and Objection
  • ​Consent
  • ​Automated Decision Making
  • ​Data Portability
  • ​Restrictions


Information Provision Obligations

  • Transparency Principle
  • Privacy Notices
  • ​Layered Notices


International Data Transfers

  • Rationale for Prohibition
  • Adequate Jurisdictions
  • ​Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield
  • Standard Contractual Clauses
  • ​Binding Corporate Rules
  • Codes of Conduct and Certifications
  • ​Derogations
  • ​Transfer Impact Assessments


Compliance Considerations

  • Employment Relationship
  • Surveillance Activities
  • ​Direct Marketing
  • Internet Technology and Communications


Security of Processing

  • Appropriate Technical and Organizational Measures
  • Protection Mechanisms
  • ​Breach Notification
  • Risk Reporting Requirements
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Sharing



  • Accountability Implications
  • Designing a Data Protection Programme
  • ​Record-Keeping Requirements
  • Roles and Responsibilities of DPOs


Supervision and Enforcement

  • Supervision Authorities
  • European Data Protection Board
  • ​European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Consequences for GDPR Violations

As You Can See...

That's A LOT To Remember!


What do you think your chances are of being able to not only remember all this, but ALSO contextualize any piece of it, explain it clearly and concisely along with any relevant references to case law?

Well, if you take any other option than our Ultimate CIPP/E Certification Program, highly unlikely.

But with our course you get:
  • Live training (attend in person or virtually)
  • Official IAPP Textbook
  • ​Exam voucher
  • Pass guarantee (retake as many times as you like – although almost everyone passes the first time)
  • ​Interactive and entertaining delivery style
  • Small class size (maximum of 9 students)
  • Sample official exam questions
  • ​Exclusive 'Easy Peasy' revision guide
  • Guided group revision sessions
  • The community of expert privacy pros (including the 'who's who' in the privacy world)
  • ​12 months of ongoing community access
So you not only pass, but you’re also confidently able to prove your new knowledge at work, gaining the respect of your peers and superiors.

What's The Next Step?

The next step is to book your Roadmap to Success Strategy Application with one of my friendly Success Consultants.

Before we let you enroll, we want to make sure this is the right move for your career and you are the right fit for the community.

And I want to make sure you have the opportunity to ask us all the questions on your mind before you go ahead.

If for some reason this isn’r right for you, we’ll tell you and point you in the right direction.

If it is, we’ll break down how the program works for you and how you can make the most of your investment.

If you act fast, you could potentially have your certification very soon and be impressing your colleagues with your new-found expertise!

Book Your Roadmap To Success Strategy Application Call Below

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